Our Motto: Health, Fitness, Strength

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     Lois Fitness

Lois Fitness is headed up by Lois Carty who has been helping people with a variety of conditions and to prepare for sporting events as a  Sports Massage Therapist since 2007. 

Her Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy, Degree in Sports Science from Loughborough University, experience as a personal trainer and own sporting experiences as an international athlete have enabled her to help her clients with a very professional rounded approach.

Lois says, " I have 3 main aims:

1) To improve my client's health by reducing pain and discomfort. 

2) To improve my client's fitness by enabling them to be fit for their life.  This could be enabling them to drive in comfort to work or run faster when competing.

3) To improve my client's strength.  If 1 and 2 are acheived then my client is in a postiion to get stronger. "

Tools to aid movement 

  • Kinesiology Taping

       Certified Rocktape practitioner L1 Qualified 2015.

"When applied properly, ROCKTAPE lifts the skin away from the muscle, which promotes positve change in the bodies fluid, mechanical and neurological systems.   Commonly people wearing Rocktape report less pain, swelling and tightness, greater awareness of the area and later onset of fatigue."

  • Trigger point and myofascial release using foam roller and trigger point balls

 Alongside 'hands on' techniques myofascia and trigger points can be released with the aid of foam rollers and trigger point balls.