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    testimonials from lois fitness clients

I first contacted Lois approximately 6 years ago for help with an injury which was giving me considerable pain.  I found Lois to be extremely knowledgeable, professional and helpful. 

I am still in contact with Lois for regular sports massage therapy as I feel it is an important part of helping me to continue and maintain my sports routine/physical fitness. 

I would definitely recommend Lois.

Sue Dumpleton

I raced motorbikes for over 15 years and needless to say I crashed a few aswell.  This resulted in several breaks and as a result the surrounding soft tissues are affected too, leading to a lot of tight muscles and me feeling pain and discomfort a lot of the time. 

The regular treatments with Lois have led to me being able to sleep a lot more comfortably and my arm can now be straightened above my head whereas it was nowhere near beforehand.

Russell Harris

I have an ongoing lower back problem.  As a therapist myself it's important I keep it under control.  As and when it flares up one or two sports/deep tissue massages and some good stretches during a session with Lois gets me back on track.  I also found sports massage really helpful for recovery for my poor legs when I was training for the marathon too.  I feel the benefit straight away.

Terri Welbourne